Behind his serious facade hides a witty and highly humorous person. He is a great asset while supporting CEOs and finds solutions to sticky problems.

Sandip Das
Independent Board Director, STL

Harjeet is an outstanding HR professional. He has a unique ability to connect with both employees and managers on both a personal and business level.

Rick Kneipper
Chairman Of The Board, Aquity Holdings

Harjeet brings a sense of accountability in every employee in the organization - be it performance accountability or behavioral accountability.

Vish Sivaswamy
Investor, ZAMSTARS and TATVA

How Leaders Decide

How Leaders Decide is written for corporate decision makers and aspiring management students who are planning to start their careers as decision makers. The book addresses the fundamental questions and the practical problems of organization decision making. The author Harjeet Khanduja, famously known as the RK Laxman of Business, has summed up his rich experience of 25 years and the research of the best in the world to answer typical questions that each decision maker has at one point or another. The book explains 120 concepts of decision making with 250 real life examples from more than 160 organizations.
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