Nothing About Business

Nothing About Business is a book for the person looking for a simple, gyan-free way to understand the nuances of business, life and leadership that only experience can teach you. That is, until now. Featuring Harjeet Khanduja's best and most loved LinkedIn stories in a collection that's both easy on the eyes, and on the mind.
nothing about business

Who This Book Is For

This is a simple book of stories that can be read by anyone. However, this book has professional benefits for people like the following.

Working Professionals

Can't figure out why your boss is mad at you? This book will probably help.

People Managers

If you want to learn HR concepts in a fun way, this is exactly the book for you.

Management Students

So you're going for the interview of that company that you really want to get hired for. Here's a crash course into your interviewer's mind.

Startup Enthusiasts

You might not need an HR guy for your company yet, but you do need HR practices to survive. This book has that and more, packed into one-page stories.

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Book Reviews

What our readers have to say!
"Nothing about Business, Everything about life. These are like zen nuggets. They say so much with brevity. They allow us to locate missing magic around us."
Ashish Vidyarthi
Actor, Avid Miner
"This book is simple yet profound. Loved the simple yet powerful stories."

Dr.Radhakrishnan Pillai
Deputy Director, Chanakya International Institute of Leadership Studies
"The book is simple to read, absolutely and refreshingly relatable and I can imagine picking it up everyday, opening to any page and within a minute be left with a life lesson."
Ankur Warikoo
Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Coach
"I have always believed that story is the most powerful way to communicate a concept or an insight. I would strongly recommend the book to everyone as anyone can relate to the stories and the insights they contain."

TN Hari
HR Head, Big Basket
"Corporate life has a rhythm of its own. ‘Nothing about Business' deciphers the beats and extracts the music, making it much more enjoyable in the re-run than even the original moments. The book is a great read for anyone looking to understand management lessons in a fun way."
Nidhi Raina
CEO, Quoncious
"Through real life stories, Harjeet presents bite sized capsules, shuns the superfluous and draws us within. An interesting read with perspectives that will surely resonate."

N S Rajan
Former Group CHRO at Tata Sons
"Humour, simplicity and direct to the point, three things that got me hooked."

SVP, HR Times Professional Learning
"I liked 'Nothing about Business' because it is simple storytelling. It is not complex Gyan. It’s a fun read, yet unlike anything I’ve read before."
Abey Kuruvilla
Indian Cricketer
nothing about business

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