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The Storytelling Leader is a book for the person looking for business stories. These business stories can be used in dayto-day situations for putting across the point to customers, colleagues and team members. The stories are sharp and short anecdotes of daily life which make business sense. This collection has the most loved stories of Harjeet Khanduja on LinkedIn. These stories are read 10 million+ times and have million+ likes on LinkedIn. They are both easy on the eyes and on the mind.

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Why this book?

Curated from the highly acclaimed works of Harjeet Khanduja, these stories have garnered immense popularity on LinkedIn, with over 10 million reads and millions of likes. Each narrative is carefully crafted to be both visually engaging and intellectually stimulating, making them not only easy to digest but also profoundly impactful.

Harjeet Khanduja is an Indian corporate executive in the telecom business. He serves as a senior Vice President HR at Reliance Jio. Harjeet is also on the board of Federation of World Academics and a Member of HR and IR committee of CII, Western Region.